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Bonka Important Declaration Bonka Important Declararion...
Bonka USA Distributor USA distributor website : email at : Multicopter Batteries LLC 2107 Grand Blvd Suite 1208 Kansas City, Missouri, 64108...
What are the factors influencin What are the factors influencing model aircraft batteriesWhat are the factors influence model aircraft batteries? Model aircraft batteries is a new type of lithium battery, compared with the liquid li...
The advantage of using Lithium 1. Good safety performance: the outer packing is blister pack, is different from the metal shell of liquid lithium electricity, due to the flexible packaging technology, internal quality hidden troubl...
Lithium Polymer Cautions Lithium Polymer Batteries and packs that are abused may cause damage to the pack or the device resulting in personal injury.1.Do not expose the battery to extreme heat2.Do not short circuit battery3.D...
Lithium Polymer Batteries Lithium Polymer BatteriesEvolving from Lithium-ion batteries, Lithium polymer batteries offer a distinct advantage over their predecessor in terms of cost, utility, durability and flexibility.A Lithiu...
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