The advantage of using Lithium polymer battery

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1. Good safety performance: the outer packing is blister pack, is different from the metal shell of liquid lithium electricity, due to the flexible packaging technology, internal quality hidden trouble can be displayed by the outer packing deformation, immediately in the event of safe hidden trouble, will not explode, will only to bulge;

2. The slim design: suitable for all kinds of ultra thin electric appliances, thickness can be below 1 mm

3. Light weight: polymer li-ion battery shell liquid lithium 40% lighter than the same specifications of steel, lighter than aluminum shell liquid lithium 20%;

4. Large capacity: polymer liquid lithium electricity capacity than the same specifications of the steel shell, 10-15% more than the aluminum liquid lithium electricity capacity of 5-10%;As there is no liquid itself, can be made within the single star multilayer combination to achieve high voltage, capacity will is more than double that of the same size of lithium ion batteries.

5. Small resistance: the best resistance can achieve below 35 m Ω (2-5 m Ω) even, make the battery capacity will be able to get a bigger play, greatly reduced since the power consumption of the battery. The same capacity, in some design, due to internal resistance size is different, use the time difference between 20-50%;

6. The shape can be customized: can the thickness of the flexible customization according to the requirements of the battery, shape, and can make special shapes such as arc; 

7. Good discharge characteristic: polymer lithium electricity using colloidal electrolyte, more stable discharge characteristics and higher discharge platform; 

8. Can large current discharge, at present our company production of lithium polymer high-magnification type, up to 50 c discharge.


Lithium polymer battery (Li - polymer)

Voltage: 3.7 V

Life is: 500 times (1 c is the most helpful to discharge when life) (if large current discharge, generally is 50-100 times)

Discharge temperature: - 20 degrees to 60 degrees

Charge temperature for: 0 degrees to 45 degrees

Note: improved lithium electricity, no battery fluid, and switch to polymer electrolyte, can make all kinds of shapes, stable than lithium battery.

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