What are the factors influencing model aircraft batteries

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What are the factors influencing model aircraft batteries

What are the factors influence model aircraft batteries? Model aircraft batteries is a new type of lithium battery, compared with the liquid lithium ion battery, model aircraft battery not only has can be thin shape, any size and any shape many virtues, such as, also won't produce leakage and combustion explosion safety problems, and the capacity of the rc battery liquid lithium ion battery is the same size and weight of The Times, in addition, model aircraft batteries in the working voltage, charge and discharge cycle life than liquid lithium ion battery has improved, but the price is about 50% higher than a liquid lithium ion battery.

The main factors influencing the model aircraft batteries have several aspects such as the positive electrode material, electrolyte and cathode materials, anode materials directly affects the characteristics of lithium ion battery and price. With ionic conduction current solid materials are usually referred to as solid electrolyte, it includes, glass crystal electrolyte electrolyte and polymer electrolyte three types, including solid polymer electrolyte is qualitative light, easy to film, as well as good viscoelastic, electrically induced color display can be used in batteries, sensors, and condenser, etc.

What are the factors influencing model aircraft batteries from lithium battery manufacturers to develop fail electronic publishing, shimmering glow has a engaged in lithium batteries for many years, experienced r&d team, we are focused on the latest development and application of lithium battery in various fields, and continuously developed for the customer "the front, the most advanced and the safest, most stable" lithium batteries; Equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, precise testing instruments, automatic lithium battery with set of machine, full computer monitoring intelligent aging equipment, etc., and in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system operation, ensure that provide customers with high quality lithium battery series products.

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